Does this sound familiar?

But you don’t know how to get there.

Every day you feel like you're just guessing where to focus, how to delegate and what to prioritize. Some days it feels like your brain might explode from keeping all of your to-dos straight. 

You are overwhelmed trying to be CEO, Creative Director, Sales Manager and Community Leader all at once and worry you'll never hit your target, or if you do, fear you won't be able to replicate or maintain your success.

It's frustrating. It's disheartening. And worst of all, you may have been feeling like this for a long time.

So, what do you do?

😓 Make the best calls you can day-to-day which leaves you exhausted and burnt out

😓 Spend a ton of time reading, researching and trying to DIY things with a lot of trial and error in the process

😓 Follow advice made for bigger brands with deeper pockets running the risk of bankrupting your shop before you even see results

And none of it has really made a difference, has it?

It's time to create simple, strong and scaleable systems that will support your shop at every stage.

Imagine if...

✨ You knew exactly how to make the most aligned decisions for your business based on your values and vision.

✨ You spent way less time worrying about Instagram and felt confident in the content you were delivering to your audience across all of your platforms

✨ You woke up every day with a clear focus to grow your sales and knew how to troubleshoot if you weren't seeing the results you wanted

✨ You fell asleep certain that every single one of your customers felt like a cherished part of your community and were spreading the word about your amazing shop.

This is how it should be, and how it can be for you, too!

Feel Good Foundations

Feel Good Foundations is an online course indie retailers like you.

Designed to teach you the exact steps, and provide you with the tools + templates you need, to implement simple, scaleable systems that will support your shops growth - no matter what stage you're at.


- Maryann, Plants & Ponytails

The Modules in Feel Good Foundations are designed and organized with a great deal of thought. In all phases & years of my business, this content is and will remain incredibly valuable. 

Janine's delivery of information is concise, relevant and will inevitably help strengthen my skills, knowledge and afford continued business growth. The spreadsheets alone are worth the initial investment of this course. 

I also gained much more than I anticipated because I have been able to bond and connect with other owners/founders in local indie retail space which has been a much needed delight in complicated times. 

- Jules, Sky Daughter Studio

“Signing up for the Feel Good Foundations course was the best business decision I’ve made yet. 

The modules are well paced and contain a wealth of information on healthy business mindsets, how to be authentic in your business, and tangible sales goals and strategies to actually reach them” 

- Liz, Mayflower Vintage

I can’t recommend Feel Good Foundations enough to my fellow indie retailers! I have been looking to take the next step in my business for a few years now and FGF gave me the momentum and the tools to grow. 

I really appreciate the thought and energy that Janine put into the whole course—the worksheets are incredibly useful, the prompts helped me to visualize my goals and clarify my intentions, and the community offered a fantastic opportunity to ask questions in a laid-back, supportive environment. 

I left FGF feeling so inspired, prepared, supported, and connected to a wider community of amazing local small business owners. I can’t wait to put it all into practice!

- Madison, Cyprus Cabinet

“Feel Good Foundations truly made me feel good about retail. Janine’s playful yet structured approach helped me review and reflect on how I have been running my business for the past 5 years. 
The course is packed with so many priceless resources and insights that Janine has masterfully created to make your job easier, you just have to put in the work.”

What Retailers Are Saying

What Makes Feel Good Foundations Different?

Better, not more.

Rooted in strategy.

Community first.

I don’t want to add even more to your to-do list. Instead of experimenting with new concepts, we will dive deep into the foundations of every retail business - content, sales and experience.

The strategies we cover in this course are timeless and evergreen. They aren’t reliant on specific apps or budgets, meaning any retailer can benefit from implementing them at any time. 

Get ready to think beyond the transactional. In this course, we go beyond the sale and focus on building meaningful relationships with customers in order to achieve feel-good growth.

Module 1: BRAND

In order for any strategy to be successful, you need a crystal clear understanding of your brand’s mission, values and customer. We spend Week 1 putting your vision into words.

Outcome: A finalized “soul statement” and snapshot of your dream community.

Module 2: CONTENT

Make a bigger impact by making less content! In Week 2, you will learn simple strategies to create (and share) content in order to grow your audience and attract your ideal customer. 

Outcome: A unique and reusable content plan including core pillars and platforms.

Module 3: SALES

Your numbers tell you everything you need to know. During Week 3, you will learn to analyze your data to identify opportunity and break sales goals into actionable, achievable plans.

Outcome: Financial analysis of your business and sales goals for the coming year.


Moving your audience from casual connection to community is cruicial to a thriving retail business. In our final week, learn key automations to ensure your customers feel (and share) the love! 

Outcome: A solid lead magnet, welcome flow and a map of your client journey. 

You'll Get:

Video Lessons

Strategy Tutorials

Templates + Tools

Every week, you will get video modules diving into the what, why and how of each topic. Each lesson is broken down into bite-sized pieces so you can watch at your own pace.

In addition to learning about each strategy, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to implement it for your unique business. We love to learn, but we love to take action even more. 

In order to ensure you are confident and comfortable implementing and sustaining these strategies, you will get 12 reusable templates, tools and guides ranging from sales tracking spreadsheets to customizable email copy.

Total value over $7500

Hiii! I’m Janine

and who am I?

I've been helping indie retailers to build the shops of their dreams using organic marketing, community building and pinpointed sales strategy for the last 10 years…. 

I have helped hundreds of shop owners and product based businesses grow their brands and make more money in a way that, well, feels good. 

My clients have reached over 1 millions of dollars in sales with ease and I want to help you do the same!

Join US

This is perfect for you if…

💖 You are committed to growing your retail or product based-business significantly and need a strong foundation to start.

💖 You’re looking to learn new skills, understand your business more deeply and grow your brand’s community.

💖 You want to build systems and confidently delegate tasks to your team to free you up to be the visionary you are! 

💖 You’re tired of researching tactics, googling strategy questions and trying to extract useful information from not-designed-for-retailers business advice.

💖 You’re feeling uninspired, overwhelmed or stuck - worried you’ll never get out of this cycle.

💖 You’ve ever felt out of control or like you were '“guessing your way through” business decisions. 


class begins Monday, January 24th



I'm in



4 monthly installments of 


Meet Dani.

Dani joined The Feel Good Foundations in May of 2021 determined to come out of 2020 with clarity.

She had been offering services, selling goods, doing pop-ups and recently committed to a brick & mortar space for her business Good Vibes Hive.

Not only was she trying to grow, but she was struggling to have containers for herself as the business owner, and the shop itself.

Dani admitted, before diving in, that she got major anxiety looking at her numbers and analysis always made her feel less confident.

Feel Good Foundations changed all of that. Take it from Dani herself!

Still have questions?

Swipe for our FAQs

Why these 4 areas?

Great question! Not only do these areas - brand content, sales and experience - intersect with every.single.piece of your retail business, but we've seen that they plant seeds of anxiety, overwhelm and headaches for you - the indie entrepreneur. When there aren't goals in place, marketing is a day-to-day activity and shop experience is something that just happens, there's no clear path to understanding and perfecting your process.

I'm a maker, is this for me?

If you sell to retailers or sell your own product directly to consumers, absolutely! While we don't specifically cover wholesale, these foundations are meant to help you understand your business, sales and experience better making it perfect for makers looking to build relationships and grow their company. 

Do I have to have an eCommerce shop?

If you are a brick and mortar shop who has not invested in some version of an eCommerce presence, I would recommend doing that before enrolling in this course. While a lot of the information would still be relevant to IRL only, I am a big believer in prioritizing what will make the greatest impact and eComm is #1 in my book. If you wanna chat about why - hit me up at I'd be happy to talk to you about some of the perks and platforms that I love!

I'm not sure I'm right for this...

If you're growing your business and feeling burnt out, uninspired, or maybe like you've hit the upper limit of your marketing know-how, this program is for you. I want to help indie retailers not just survive, but THRIVE - meaning supporting them strategically, emotionally, and through skills that will serve them well beyond this course. If you're looking for a magic pill, a quick fix, a hot route to being on the cover of Forbes or multiple millions in your bank account, I'm so sorry, but I don't think we're a match. This is for the entrepreneurs who are ready to roll up their sleeves, dig in and build feel good systems.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this digital course, I am not able to offer refunds. However, if for some reason you are not seeing benefits (in sales, hours saved or sanity regained), let's discuss and find a path forward for you and your business to thrive!

What is the time commitment of this course?

I suggest retailers set aside 3-4 hours per week for our time together to watch the modules, do their homework and engage in the community. By committing this time over the next month, you will undoubtedly save 10x that in the future.