Let's be real.

Finding time to work "on" your business instead of "in" your business is tough. There is always something to do retail - pack orders, cover the sales floor, update the website, post to social. You know the drill.

But that lack of visionary time can leave you feeling like you aren't in control of your shop and will leave you wondering 

When we feel disconnected - from ourselves, our partners, our environment - we take the time to reset. 

"What's next?"

We observe, we reflect, we take ACTION and we plan our next move.

While we would love nothing more than to send you to a bougie resort for some quality CEO time, we think this might be as rejuvenating. No tan, no pool-side cocktails but the clarity....*chefs kiss*

Why should your relationship with your business be any different?


5 days to feel reinvigorated

3 daily activities designed to help you reflect on your progress, get grounded in the present and plan for the future.

At the end, you will feel reconnected to your business and ready to take action.

Identify what's working and make your marketing more magnetic.

Put your retail superpowers to work with step-by-step sales strategies

Connect with your community in a more personal way to grow sustainably

We'll help you...


I'm Janine Mulone - the indie brand cheerleader, solutions priestess and retail expert behind Feel Good Retail

Hiii! Nice To Meet YOu

For the last decade, I've supported hundreds of indie retail entrepreneurs through moments of growth and transformation - new locations, going digital, testing physical, fundraising, building community and more.

There is nothing I am more passionate about than helping retailers like you build strategies and systems that align with what you really want for your business—not what you think you should want.

What's inside

Remember what you've accomplished.

Day 1 - Reflect On Your Progress

Day 2 - Review Your Content

Day 3 - Reimagine Your Strategy


Day 4 - Reconnect With Community

Day 5 - Rest + Reset

Identify what really works.

Uncover the tactic tailor-made for you.

Meet them where they are.

One last deep breath.

- 6 Month Reflection
- Reclaim Your Energy Meditation
- Follow The Feeling Goal Setting Exercise

- Content Engagement Audit
- Digital Hygiene Activity
- 30 Day Content Calendar

- Sales Cycle Calculator
- Tailor-Made Strategy Quiz
- Step-by-step Strategy Guide

- Create Customer Segments
- Email Swipe Files
- Serve Your Community Brainstorm

- Shopkeeper Self-Care
- Tarot Spread 
- Next Step Support

Feel Good Retail understands how it feels to run a business and how complicated it is to carve a new and better way as indie retailers. She doesn't only care about your bottom line; she cares about your values and how you can better your community.

Emily, ardent market


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