"We were fortunate to have a lot of our own momentum in the beginning, but once we approached year 5 I knew we needed some help from someone who understood the finer points of retail and marketing.

Janine helps us stay on top of our sales goals and marketing strategies. As the founder, it has also been very helpful to have a high-level peer to act as a sounding board for ideas as well as hold space for me as I navigate the emotional side of running a business."

-Erica Feldmann, Founder

bohemian bias

"Janine is a literal retail angel. Not only have our sales been stronger since working together, but running my business is actually fun now. From marketing, to setting goals, to creative brainstorming, she has been the greatest asset to my company. A true gift, especially during 2020. Her holistic approach to retail is a breath of fresh air in today's consumerism driven environment"

-Alexis Souza, Founder


"Before working with Janine we had a good sense of our brand differentiator, but didn't have enough clarity to stick with it. We didn't have a north star to help guide marketing, product and other business decisions.

Since working with Janine, we saw an improved workflow and more comprehensive storytelling across channels. We also saw growth in our customer list, improved engagement on IG and, of course, and increase in REVENUE!!"

-Katie Demo, Founder